There is no ex officio examination conducted prior to registration except regarding formalities. The term of protection is 5 years from the date of filing, and may be renewed for 5 years at a time until a 25 year term of protection is reached.

Documents and information required

  1. Pictures (graphic or photographic ≤ A4 (21 cm x 29,7 cm) of the design, in 4 copies, which shows clearly the design. A photocopy of a photograph does not suffice. If the applicant wishes to register the design in colours then 2 copies of the pictures in colours are required in addition to the 4 black and white copies.
  2. A Power of Attorney, no legalization is required. Must be filed within 3 weeks from the filing date.
  3. An Assignment, if the applicant is not the designer, no legalization is required. Must be filed within 3 weeks from the filing date.
  4. The applicant’s and the designer’s full name and address.
  5. If priority is claimed, the number and the filing date of the priority application must be included in the application. The priority must be claimed on the application date and within 6 months from the date of the priority application.
  6. A title for the design.
  7. Whether the design is an ornament. If so we will need pictures showing the ornament on the goods.
  8. The application may include a classification according to the Locarno Agreement. If no classification is included the Patent Office will classify the design.
  9. Specification of the product or products, covered by the design.


An application may also include

  1. A brief description of the design (maximum 150 words). The description does not affect the scope of protection.
  2. A model of the design. If a model is submitted it will be authoritative regarding the appearance or composition of the design. The model shall weigh less than 4 kg and not exceed the volume of a square which sides are 40 cm.